Smart Forecast

Optimize your Financial Planning and Analysis

Improve your corporate forecasting

We empower your company's employees to make better financial forecasts. This will give your company a better window into the future. Use it to build greater credibility with investors! Or maybe your objective is to improve pricing, or to optimize capacities and key performance indicators such as employee retention?


We coach your employees in the art and science of better forecasting.

Custom-made process consulting

As a second step, our partners, who are exclusively Superforecasters, will suggest custom improvements to your business forecasting environment.

Long-term forecast optimization

As a third step, we can develop and improve on the questions that are important to you, help your employees make their forecast, and give your decision-makers feedback on current probabilities.

A Unique team of consultants

The best Forecasters

Our consultants topped the accuracy charts of a multi-year prediction tournament. They were among the top 2% of about 20,000 participants.

New Approaches

Our consultants will share their new approaches and unconventional viewpoints.

Where is your Top Talent?

You will identify the employees who make the best forecasts at your company. They generally won't be your most vocal employees.

Outside the Box

Companies tend to use only a small fraction of the data that is available. They rely mostly on internal models, which are just a start. We will help you get out of this box.

Measurable Progress

Our coaching should be made available in a randomized fashion to part of the workforce before it is deployed at scale, to be able to assess their relative progress.

Use your knowledge

Our clients often don't take advantage of the full spectrum of available employee opinions. They rely on just a small cadre of specialized employees, who can't know everything.

Why the Smartest Crowd?

The Good Judgment Project has proven that the performance of top forecasting talent is superior to any other approach, including forecasting markets.

Our Team

Passionate about producing the most accurate forecasts

Roman Hagelstein

Superforecaster, FP&A manager and consultant, founder. Consultant for Central Europe. Interview - Portrait (in German)

Robert de Neufville

Superforecaster, Catastrophic Risk Consultant, Author. Consultant for the Western USA. Homepage and blog

Ricardo Sanchez

Superforecaster, Data Scientist, Consultant for Modeling and optimization. Consultant for the East Coast of the USA.

Brett Specter

Superforecaster, Entrepreneur, Fund Manager. Consultant for North and West Europe. Twitter


Dr. Roman Hagelstein
Hermannstr. 36b
63069 Offenbach am Main

+49 17622703107